Thug Cussed Out Judge Joe Brown ,But The End Result Is Well Paid Off

The last thing anyone would want to do in court is talk back to the Judge, It will cost you just like this guy in the video.

Probation officer’s always go to court, but not to defend anyone. More like trying to send someone to prison. In this case the suspect was the officer’s son. Yes, that’s right! The defendant was the probation officer’s son; however, that did not save him from the judge’s wrath as he was being very hostile in the courtroom. The defendant flat out lied to the judge and when he got caught in his web of lies, he just could not stand it. As a result of this, he was then taken into custody by the judge’s order. Truth be told though, the judge did try to help him several times, but the defendant was just too inept to see that. Look at the expression on the probation officer’s face when her son was about to go in handcuffs. One word: Priceless!!!!!!