This Why You Should Not Drink And Drive: Woman Passed Out On The High Way

Drinking and driving is and will always be a sensitive issue, and one of the most deadly combinations known to man is passing out behind the wheel while being intoxicated. In this video, you will not only see a young beautiful woman who had a little too much to drink, but the craziest thing is that several attempts were made to try and get her full attention. It was not until Police arrived on the scene and subdued her that she became responsive. Wow! What a rush right? WE would like to know your thoughts. Do you think the officers had to use such brutal force? Could they have reacted any differently? Would they have gotten a different result? How did they know that the woman wasn’t just exhausted? Could this be the case? Either way the handcuffs were placed on the driver’s hand, so the question now is do you believe that the driver deserved to be treated that way? Your thoughts, please.