Son Got Busted By His Own Mother For Using A Fake Weapon To Rob Store

Its not surprising to see a man caught after attempting his robbery, but how often do you hear about someone caught by their own mother! 22 year old, Roy Mitchel and his mother stopped by a gas station off the highway to pick up some food. As his mother stayed behind, he went inside to buy a bag of chips. The mother unaware of what was happening, followed in behind him, not only find him holding a fake gun but pointing it at the clerk and demanding money. She then took the toy gun out of his hands, demanding him to go back to the car. Soon after they had left the scene, they were stopped by law enforcement, and he was arrested. Not only will he have to live with a felony charge on his record but also the embarrassment of being caught by his own mother! I doubt he’ll be trying this again anytime soon!